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Continental Smartphone App

  • Continental Smartphone App
  • The bidirectional data exchange combines the system's real-performance-data with the computing power of the smartphone.
  • The smartphone can just be put into the pocket.
  • Routes are calculated considering the remaining range with the recommended support mode.

With both a display featuring integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a linked  smartphone app, Continental offers an eBike connectivity solution that is tailored specifically to the Continental eBike System.

The Conti eBike App is the optimum add-on for eBikes equipped with the Continental eBike System that include our Bluetooth-compatible display. Tailored specifically to the Continental drive system, this connectivity solution allows a large number of additional functions such as navigation, fitness and weather information to be accessed.

Once the device has been linked, the eBike display switches to an enhanced display mode. The informa-tion is presented on both the eBike display and the smartphone app by means of 2-way communication. This allows the smartphone to be mounted on the handlebar to supplement the display or simply kept safe and secure in the riderís pocket.


  • Navigation: Online and offline route guidance, detailing range and elevation profiles.
  • Tour Manager: Import or record routes for subsequent saving and sharing.
  • Information: Standard bicycle computer functions, topogra-phical data and weather information.
  • Fitness: Indication and graphical analysis of cadence, calories, heart frequency (external).



The New Connectivity Solution from Continental