Continental will close its ebike and pedelec business in late 2019

We have decided to discontinue all our e-bike and pedelec business by the end of 2019 and prefer to invest in other growth fields at present. As part of our portfolio management process, we constantly review potential strategic options to ensure the sustainable development of our business.

We will do final engineering work now for our 48V E-Bike Systems and phase-out production within Q1/2020.

Continental Bicycle Systems

All mandatory legal warranty claims for our  48V and 36V E-Bike Systems that have been already or still have to be delivered in line with contractual obligations as well as their spare parts supply will be secured by Continental. Therefore, our service team will be available until 2022.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team via 
or 069 7603 9808.