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48V eBike System

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48V eBike System

This is made up of two brand-new mid-motors – 48V Prime and 48V Revolution – that are complemented by system components like batteries, displays and control units.

Uniform engine mounting

Identical engine mountings for both 48V mid-motors – 48V Revolution and 48V Prime – enable uniform frame concepts. This reduces both the number of procurement processes and manufacturing complexity.

  • 48V Drive Units
    48V Drive Units

    With the new 48V eBike System, Continental offers a further platform solution based on a 48V standard.

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  • 48V Batteries
    48V Batteries

    The Continental eBike system can be operated with a fully integrated battery as well as with an attached downtube battery.

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  • 48V Displays
    48V Displays

    With the display, the eBike rider has all performance data and functions of the CeBS drive system within view.

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  • 48V Remote Controls
    48V Remote Controls

    The Continental eBike system is controlled using innovative operating units.

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