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Dear customer, 

Market monitoring has unfortunately shown that various causes can lead to the 8mm CBD system not standing up to the product requirements and damage occurring, whose severity and frequency vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. Although quality tests have shown that our belts meet all required norms and standards, the system does not have sufficient performance reserves to compensate for handling which is not always correct in daily use and for a lack of care and maintenance. Inadequate compliance with frame and assembly tolerances observed sometimes by trade distributors has also resulted in belts tearing in use.
That’s why we have decided to pass on a general recommendation in order to avoid potential risks for cyclists. We advise manufacturers to cease delivery of bicycles with 8mm CBD systems immediately and to inform their dealers accordingly. Owners of bicycles with 8mm CBD systems should no longer use them for safety reasons and also carry out a replacement.
This is explicitly not a recall that has been officially ordered by authorities. However, the final risk assessment for the individual models and the measures resulting from it rest with the manufacturer as the party responsible for the complete bicycle. We are therefore currently in a close, regular and very constructive dialog with our customers, the bike manufacturers, to jointly provide custom solutions as soon as possible for bikes already manufactured and in use. We apologize at this juncture for any inconvenience this might cause.
In the interests of our customers, we want to provide a solution quickly and at the same time exclude every risk. We have drawn up various modification offers with our partners to enable all customers to continue using their bikes. Please contact your dealer or the manufacturer of your bike to agree on the action to be taken.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer an adequate Continental belt system as a replacement in the short term and therefore also recommend conversion to a chain. After reviewing the technical conditions in respect of frame rigidity, true running and belt alignment, a competitor product may also provide a possible alternative.
If you have any questions or are uncertain about anything, please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or our Service Center team (hotline: +49 69 76039808, e-mail:
Please see below for additional technical instructions on the correct handling and assembly of belt drives.

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