eBike System

The Continental eBike System (CeBS) is a premium class modular drive system.

It comprises of state-of-the-art drive components that have been developed  for maximum user-friendliness, ergonomics and design. 

  • 48V eBike System
    48V eBike System

    In the 2-in-1 integration of 48V eBike central motor and continuously variable planetary gearing, Continental offers the world’s first fully automatic, continuously variable eBike drive.

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  • 36V eBike System
    36V eBike System

    The 36V eBike System from Continental offers just as much diversity in the most advanced system components.

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  • Connectivity

    With a display featuring integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and a smartphone app, Continental offers an eBike connectivity solution that is tailored specifically to the CeBS.

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  • Wireless Technology
    Wireless Technology

    Thanks to a wireless connection between the battery, remote control and smartphone/Conti eBike App, the Continental eBike System can be flexibly adapted to deliver the preferred range of functions.

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