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System advantages

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System advantages

The belt drive system “Continental Belt Drive“ has been specially developed for bicycles and eBikes, and provides decisive advantages over chain systems and competing belt systems.

Silent and oil-free running

The belt runs without oil and is therefore a clean and low-maintenance solution for daily use.  No more dirty trouser legs, chain rust or need for chain oiling!

Usable in all weather conditions

The Continental Belt Drive is resistant to outside conditions and UV rays and is therefore usable year-round in any weather conditions suitable for cycling. You only need to pay attention to our usage tips in order to contribute to a long life span.

Easy handling

For repair work, the belt can be easily pulled off the sprockets without the need for any tools. This makes for example a tire change with rear wheel removal particularly simple.

High compatibility

Two product lines with numerous component variations are available for different bicycle concepts. The variety of sprocket mounts enables compatibility with all common gear hubs, eBike motors and gears. Additionally, the different disc sizes and belt diameters offer a wide spectrum of transmission ratios.

Lower belt pre-tension

Because it has 14mm teeth, the Continental Belt Drive is also able to operate at a lower belt tension. This simplifies the handling without any tools and relieves rear wheel hubs.