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Bike Drive Belts & Sprockets

Continental is one of the few manufacturers of high-performance timing belts, components or entire belt drive systems world-wide. Based on decades of experience, Continental developed the Continental Belt Drive System especially for bicycles and eBikes which provides essential advantages compared to chain systems or other competitve belt systems.


Technical Specifications

  • Premium sprockets made of aluminium & stainless steel and 12 mm carbon belt for e-cargo bicycles and other special applications with high loads
  • Premium sprockets made of aluminium & stainless steel and 10 mm carbon belt.
  • Entry-level model with composite sprockets and 10 mm carbon belt.


Features & Benefits

  • The timing belt runs very silent and dry and is therefore a clean and maintenance-free solutionfor daily use.
  • For repair work, the belt can be easily pulled off the sprockets without the use of any tools.
  • The timing belt is resistant to any media impact and has a higher milage comparable to a chain.
  • The timing belt provides high tolerances and is compatible with all common gear hubs, torque sensors, motors and transmissions.