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Wireless eBike Technology

Thanks to a wireless connection between the battery, remote control and smartphone/Conti eBike App, the Continental eBike System can be flexibly adapted to deliver the preferred range of functions. The normally wired remote control and the display can be optionally replaced with the wireless remote control and the smartphone with Conti eBike App.


Integrated battery with Bluetooth/ANT+

A modified version of the integrated downtube  battery with expanded control elements on the  battery housing allows the eBike assistance levels  to be set directly on the battery. The Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technologies have also been inte-grated directly into the battery so that other wireless components such as the wireless remote control and a smartphone with Conti eBike App can be connected.


Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control enables the eBike  functions to be manipulated easily from either left or right handlebar grip positions.


The Continental eBike Smartphone App

Instead of linking to the display, the system utilises low energy Bluetooth Smart technology to link be-tween the integrated battery and your smart phone, this allows for many additional functions such as navigation, fitness and weather information to be accessed. Control of the assistance levels is also integrated, enabling the motor assistance level to  be adjusted without need of even a remote control.